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Cancellations of Booking Contracts

Hosts and Guests are responsible for any modification to a swap that they make using the Holiday Swap App and agree to pay any additional Host or Guest fees with such modifications, when applicable. If a modification cannot be agreed upon, the Users may cancel the Booking Contract, subject to the following conditions. A User is permitted to cancel a Booking Contract, however, if a Booking Contract is cancelled within seven (7) calendar days before the first date of the Booking Contract, the User cancelling the Booking Contract (the “Cancelling User”) forfeits any Service Fees paid, unless extenuating circumstances apply and are approved by the Company, in our sole discretion. Users must provide adequate evidence, see below. The User being cancelled on (the “Impacted User”) within seven (7) calendar days before the first date of the Swap Contract, will be refunded the Services Fees of the per night rate, as stated in the App. The amount paid by the Impacted User will be refunded either by the same method paid, or by other reasonable methods determined by the Company. If the Impacted User subscribes to our Guarantee for Property Damage, the Impacted User may apply this Guarantee coverage to a future Booking Contract, within twelve (12) months from the cancellation, however, it may not be refunded. Please note, Users will not be refunded their Subscription Fees.

Users are encouraged to subscribe to our Guarantee to protect their trip. Please refer to our Guarantee Terms. Users who only subscribe for Property Damage will be permitted to use the Property Damage for the same number days of coverage on another Swap, if their Swap or Booking is cancelled, and meets our cancellation policy. If the User cancels without a valid reason, we reserve the right to make the Property unavailable or blocked for the dates of the cancelled booking. A genuine and legitimate concern of the Impacted User’s behaviour will be deemed as a valid reason, in addition to any of the hereunder extenuating circumstances.

Extenuating Circumstances

We may give you a refund for the Service Fee for the nightly rate only if the Cancelling User cancel due to extenuating and/or unforeseen circumstances that are not within their control.

  • Death of a Host, Guest, or an immediate family member;
  • Airport or road closures making it impossible for you to travel to your destination;
  • Airport or road closures to due natural disasters;
  • If the Host or Guest have been individually impacted by a natural disaster or if there has been severe damage to their home (this does not include planned renovations);
  • Serious illness of the Host, Guest or any member of the travelling party;
  • Unforeseen or unexpected changes in a country’s safety and security, such as government security advisories due to political or civil unrest and/or violence, increased military presence, high terrorist alerts, or severe damage to the area’s infrastructure and stability; and
  • Civil obligations such as jury duty, court appearances, military deployment, and individual or government mandated travel restrictions, such as sudden changes to visa or passport requirements (this does not include lost or expired travel documents).

If a User seeks to claim one of these extenuating circumstances, they must provide reasonable and valid documentation of proof requested by the Company. This may include government-issued certificates, copies of official notices, photograph documentation, invoices of damage, and documentation of illness or disease or illness that is affecting the region or an entire group of people (however, this does not include diseases or illnesses that are commonly and known to be found in that region, such as malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa). Please note, COVID-19 (corona virus) is a foreseeable event. From April 15, 2020, any bookings that are booked and subsequently cancelled owing to any reason linked to COVID-19, will not be considered an Extenuating Circumstance. Trips cancelled for any reason linked to COVID-19 will not be able to recover any Service Fees.

Each case for extenuating circumstances will be reviewed by the Company. Please cancel your Swap Contract before filing a claim along with the relevant documentation. Each claim for extenuating circumstances must be submitted to within fourteen (14) days of the extenuating circumstance. Claims for extenuating circumstances must be made in good faith and take into account the legitimate interests and safety of both parties.

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