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What is Holiday Swap?

Holiday Swap provides users with a platform to securely swap or host their homes in 185 countries for just $10 per month, per person (or through a subscription plan).

Our innovative chat feature makes Holiday Swap the first truly global social media app for like-minded travellers and explorers. Explore with our in-app map, MyMaps, a user-curated guide to the world, allowing users to discover new destinations based on activity or discover top activities at their upcoming destinations.

How much does it cost?

We only charge users $10 per month, per person to swap or be a guest in another user's home! We also offer various subscription plans that allow you to have unlimited free swaps with a guest for the term of your subscription!

Do I have to swap a whole property?

No. What makes us unique is your ability to be flexible about what you swap. Sure, you can swap an entire house or apartment, but you can just as easily swap a shared bedroom in a house (assuming acknowledgement of potential housemates and their permission). This allows much more flexibility and variation of what can be swapped, providing an experience tailored to your needs.

Is it safe and how am I protected?

Holiday Swap is a safe social community of like-minded traveller's. All your personal information on our platform is protected by us, and all your payments go through our secure payment provider, Stripe. Keeping your account safe is our top priority.

We encourage users to use our chat to get to know each other and make lasting friendships around the world. Our chat instantly translates languages so that you can easily speak to anyone worldwide. Get to know who you are swapping with so that you feel more comfortable. Add them on social media!

Before your trip, users can subscribe to our Guarantee for Property Damage and Trip Cancellation to add extra protection. Take a look at our Guarantee terms to discover more.

Holiday Swap is an inclusive marketplace committed to accessibility, tolerance, respect and ensuring all our users have equal protections and opportunities. We welcome users into our Holiday Swap community, regardless of background.

Do you store my Credit Card details?

No. We do not store credit card details nor do we share financial details with any third-parties. Our secure payment provider is Stripe.

Do I have to put pictures of my property on my profile?

Yes! Please upload at least 3 photos to accurately show your property. The more pictures you have, the more likely you will get likes and matches.!

Tip: make sure your home is clean and organized before taking photos!

What if the property is not as described?

Make sure to opt into our Guarantee for Trip Cancellation in case any issues arise. If the property is not as described when you arrive, make sure to take pictures of the problems and send our Support Team a detailed description of your experience

support@holidayswap.comPlease make sure to send all evidence within 7 days of the swap ending.

We encourage all our users to subscribe to our Guarantee and take out the appropriate and relevant insurance coverage on their own.

What if there is damage when I return?

Please subscribe to our Guarantee for Property Damage. This will cover any approved losses stated in our Guarantee Terms

How do I gain access to the property?

Before you finalize your swap on the App, you will be asked to choose your method of key collection, whether that is leaving your key in a safe place, providing a security code, sending your key to the other user before the swap or using KeyCafe. We recommend using ourpreferred shipping choice DHL for shipping.

What if I can't enter the property?

Speak to your Host before you leave to ensure you have all the relevant information to enter the property on your arrival. Be sure to exchange numbers too in case there are any problems! We advise users to provide a local emergency contact in case a Guest is locked out or cannot enter the property.

Someone has chatted with me and asked for my address and to swap without going through the app, should I?

No. It is against our Terms and Conditions to plan a swap outside of the App. Not only will this breach your agreement with us, but it may be less secure for you.

How long will it take to hear back from customer service?

We strive to reply to you within 5 business days. In the case of urgent issues, you should first contact the other party. Please contact us at

How to query a negative rating?

Sometimes , for reasons out of your control, you may receive ratings that you disagree with. Whilst we completely support an open and free ratings system, we want this to also be fair and genuine. If you think a rating is malicious, goes against our guidelines, or otherwise fabricated, then please get in touch with our Support Team and we will take a look into any concerns, and take action where necessary.

What should I do in the event of an emergency or a problem at the property?

In case of an emergency at the property, please contact local emergency services and authorities right away.

You should always ensure you have emergency contact details, and the relevant insurance for both yourself and the property. Any external emergency situation will not be Holiday Swap's responsibility and you should proceed through appropriate hannels dependent on any emergency you may have. Make sure to subscribe to our Guarantee for Property Damage and Trip Cancellation to help protect your trip!

Is my data and personal information safe?

Yes. We never store credit card information, and your address and personal information is secure. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.

Where is Holiday Swap registered?

Company name: Holiday Swapping Limited Country of incorporation: England and Wales. Registered number: 10847362 Registered office: 2nd Floor, Berkeley Square House, Mayfair, London, W1J 6BD Trading address: 2nd Floor, Berkeley Square House, Mayfair, London, W1J 6BD

Will my chats be private?

With the exception of our Support Team, your chats will be private between yourself and the party you are chatting to or proposing to swap with. We will not sell or offer the information in private chats to third parties. Our Support Team will have sole access to user data and chat history in the scenario of a dispute between users or the breaching of Holiday Swap's Terms and Conditions.

What is Holiday Swap's cancellation policy?

A user is permitted to cancel a swap, but if they cancel within 7 days they will forfeit any service fees paid. If the User cancels without a valid reason, we reserve the right to make the Property unavailable or blocked for the dates of the canceled booking. A genuine and legitimate concern of the Impacted User's behavior will be deemed as a valid reason, in addition to any of the hereunder extenuating circumstances. See our Terms and Conditions to learn more.

Users are strongly encouraged to subscribe to our Guarantee for Trip Cancellation. Please refer to our Guarantee Terms.

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