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What is Holiday Swap? ?
Holiday Swap provides users with a platform to securely swap or host their homes in 185 countries from just $10 per month, per person (or through a subscription plan). Our innovative chat feature makes Holiday Swap the first truly global social media app for like-minded travellers and explorers. Explore with our in-app map, MyMaps, a user-curated guide to the world, allowing users to discover new destinations based on activity or discover top activities at their upcoming destinations
What are the advantages of Holiday Swap?
  • Swap vacation homes from $10 per month.
  • Connect to millions of people worldwide.
  • There are properties in 185+ countries.
  • Make friends for life.
  • Excellent customer service
What are the tips to find an exchange?
How do I use it?
Download the app to experience a new way to travel. With the click of a button, you can meet swappers and form long-lasting friendships with people from all over the world. We provide a variety of options for people of various backgrounds to swap homes. Swap your house with that of another swapper. Host your space or room.
How to house swap for vacation?
It is easy to swap homes for your next vacation with Holiday Swap. You only need to sign up for Holiday Swap, upload your house photos, and start to search for the location where you will travel. Don’t worry! After you sign in, we will show you the steps you will take.
Swap holiday meaning?
  • A house swap, also known as a home swap, is a temporary exchange of residences. It allows two people or families to experience a shift of scenery with all of the amenities of home and none of the costs and fees associated with a hotel.
  • House swaps are typically used for holiday stays, but these short-term arrangements may be a viable option for many people who need places to stay away from home.
How does Holiday Swap work?
  • Make your listing (it's free!) and complete your profile.
  • Look for homes in interesting locations and send swap requests.
  • Join now to complete your swap!
Is Holiday Swap legit?
  • Holiday Swap is a safe social community of like-minded travellers. All your personal information on our platform is protected by us, and all your payments go through our secure payment provider, Stripe. Keeping your account safe is our top priority. We encourage users to use our chat to get to know each other and make lasting friendships around the world. Our chat instantly translates languages so that you can easily speak to anyone worldwide. Get to know who you are swapping with so that you feel more comfortable. Add them on social media!
  • Before your trip, users can subscribe to our Guarantee for Property Damage and Trip Cancellation to add extra protection. Take a look at our Guarantee terms to discover more.
  • Holiday Swap is an inclusive marketplace committed to accessibility, tolerance, respect and ensuring all our users have equal protections and opportunities. We welcome users into our Holiday Swap community, regardless of background.
Can I swap my house if I stay in a rental house?
Yes, you can swap even if your house is rental. It is up to you as long as your host agrees to this.
I don’t own a house, can I still use Holiday Swap?
Yes, you can still use Holiday Swap. Share your space and start to swap!
Is it free to swap?
You can use free version of Holiday Swap which is Lite Access. But if you want to access premium features you can travel the world only for $10/ month without paying extra to hotels and Airbnb.
What happens if someone breaks/destroys/steals anything from my house during their stay?
Please subscribe to our Guarantee for Property Damage. This will cover any approved losses stated in our Guarantee Terms.
How do I get the keys to the house I am going to stay in?
Message your host for key exchange details.
Is HS worldwide? Does it work in my country?
We are a home exchange platform available in +185 countries, with over 2 Million users. We are almost everywhere. It works in all countries around the world. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact
Can I cash out my tokens?
No, you cannot.
Bookings :
  • Guest subscribes to either premium plan ($100 annual) and all booking fees get waived - this is unlimited for the tenure of subscription. Guest will then only pay the nightly rate as set by the host.
  • Casual Guest chooses not to subscribe but continues to make a booking, $10USD per night booking will apply on top of his overall booking charge. So when he arrives at checkout for a 2 night stay at $50 per night, his bill would appear as $100 + $20 (2x nights booking fee) = $120.
  • Premium Host who has subscribed to $100 annual plan only, will pay a 6% commission on the total cost of all completed bookings. 72 hours after arrival monies can be paid to host. If the guest’s booking for 2 nights costs $100 in total, host receives $94 after 3 days.
  • Casual Host who does not want to pay for premium, will instead pay the 9% commission fee. So this host will receive $91, for the same 2 night booking at $100.
What is the difference between HS and Airbnb?
There's no denying that peer-to-peer accommodation models like Airbnb, VRBO, and similar sites have popularised staying in a stranger's home. The main difference between those stays and a home swap is cost: the cost of the stay, the cost of cleaning, and, in many cases, a booking fee for each visit. Hotel and resort stays can be less expensive, but even those can have what the travel industry refers to as "drip pricing," which means that the posted rate for a stay is discounted and appealing, but the final bill is dotted with add-ons. Furthermore, as Airbnb properties become more corporately owned, the personal connection, as well as the connection to a lifestyle, is lost. And these hosts can impose stricter rules on entertaining additional guests, provide child-friendly options, and consider additional factors as Market Watch mentioned in Try a home swap. You’ll skip Airbnb and hotel costs and vacation like you’re a local article.
Do I need to make the swap happen at the same time with the person I am swapping my house with?
You can also book houses that you like. We have both book and swap options available. You can allow someone to book your space using tokens, which you can redeem for your next trip.
Can I still swap my house if I live in the house?
You can swap the room you are using in the house.
Can I swap a 1 room studio for a 4 bedroom house?
Of course! Remember who you search for and swap with is completely up to you!
Do I have to swap a whole property?
No. What makes us unique is your ability to be flexible about what you swap. Sure, you can swap an entire house or apartment, but you can just as easily swap a shared bedroom in a house (assuming acknowledgement of potential housemates and their permission). This allows much more flexibility and variation of what can be swapped, providing an experience tailored to your needs.
Ambassadors - who are they and can I become one?
  • We would like to invite you to become a brand ambassador for our company!
  • As a brand ambassador, you will help us spread the word about Holiday Swap with your audience through the following actions:
  • Creating an account with Holiday Swap and listing your home.
  • Sharing Instagram stories highlighting how your audience can save while traveling with Holiday Swap.
  • Participating in arranged home exchanges with other influencers.
  • Creating travel content for us that we can share with our audience.
What you’ll get in return:
Is home swapping safe and how am I protected?
Do you store my credit card details?
No. We do not store credit card details nor do we share financial details with any third-parties. Our secure payment provider is Stripe.
Do I have to put pictures of my property on Holiday Swap?
What if the property is not as described?
What if there is damage when I return?
Please subscribe to our Guarantee for Property Damage. This will cover any approved losses stated in our Guarantee Terms.
How do I gain access to the property?
Before you finalise your swap on the App, you will be asked to choose your method of key collection, whether that is leaving your key in a safe place, providing a security code, sending your key to the other user before the swap or using KeyCafe. We recommend using our preferred shipping choice DHL for shipping.
What if I can’t enter the property?
Speak to your Host before you leave to ensure you have all the relevant information to enter the property on your arrival. Be sure to exchange numbers too in case there are any problems! We advise users to provide a local emergency contact in case a Guest is locked out or cannot enter the property.
Someone has chatted with me and ask for my address, and swap without going through Holiday Swap?
No. It is against our Terms and Conditions to plan a swap outside of the App. Not only will this breach your agreement with us, but it may be less secure for you.
How long it will take to hear back from customer service?
We strive to reply to you within 5 business days. In the case of urgent issues, you should first contact the other party. Please contact us at
How to query a negative rating?
Sometimes, for reasons out of your control, you may receive ratings that you disagree with. Whilst we completely support an open and free ratings system, we want this to also be fair and genuine. If you think a rating is malicious, goes against our guidelines, or otherwise fabricated, then please get in touch with our Support Team and we will take a look into any concerns, and take action where necessary.
What should I do in the event of the emergency or the problem related to property?
In case of an emergency at the property, please contact local emergency services and authorities right away. You should always ensure you have emergency contact details, and the relevant insurance for both yourself and the property. Any external emergency situation will not be Holiday Swap’s responsibility and you should proceed through appropriate channels dependent on any emergency you may have. Make sure to subscribe to our Guarantee for Property Damage and Trip Cancellation to help protect your trip!
What do I do if the website is not displayed correctly?
I have found an error on the website, what should I do?
Immediately contact with our support team. You can send email to support or dm us on Instagram.
What are tokens?
Tokens are the most effective way to fully unlock all of the advantages of Holiday Swap. Why spend money to stay once your tokens will be enough? Simply completing your profile earns you 350 tokens, which is equivalent to $350, that you can happily spend on your upcoming vacation! Would you like your property to come up first in a search? Tokens will help you get to the top! Can't agree on a traditional two-way swap? Choose to use a token swap in which you pay the host in tokens.
Do tokens expire?
Tokens are valid for 24 months (2 full years) after issuance.
Where can I check how many token I have?
Click on your profile, and under the edit profile button, you will see “My Tokens”.
Holiday Swap
What happens to my tokens when my host/guest cancels?
  • If you are a guest, your Tokens will be automatically refunded to your account once your host cancels the exchange. Our team will always contact you following a cancellation by your host, but if you require immediate assistance with the cancellation of your swap, please feel free to contact us.
  • If you cancel as the host, Tokens for that swap will be returned to your guest automatically. The support team will always inform you to find out why you had to cancel.
What is the value of my home in tokens ?
$1 = 1 Token in our app.
What are the benefits of owning Tokens?
  • Simply, tokens enable our users to travel the world for much less.That is why influencers and celebrities are currently flooding in to buy token bundles on our app.
  • Currently, users can buy tokens on Holiday Swap at a 20% discount.
  • For instance, normally 100 tokens would equal $100 however, our users can currently buy 100 tokens for $80 on our app.
  • We are aiming to allow a cash-out of tokens in the near future for a much higher value.
How do I earn tokens?
Tokens are the in-app currency of Holiday Swap and 1 token is equal to $1. Earn tokens on our app by completing various actions on your profile’s progress tracker or by hosting other travelers. The tokens earned can be used to book any home around the world on HolidaySwap.
What can I do if I do not have enough tokens to finalize an exchange?
If your Tokens are not enough to finalise an exchange, you can either purchase new Tokens or check your progress chart, take the necessary steps, and earn Tokens for free.
Can I purchase tokens?
If you do not want to host or swap homes you can directly buy tokens on our app and book homes on HolidaySwap.
How to reset my password?
You can reset your password in settings on the app.
Can my partner have a separate Holiday Swap account?
Yes, you can. Also you may have multiple homes per account.
How do I sign up on Holiday Swap?
Download our free app from the app stores and register your account in seconds!
Can I add another email address for my Holiday Swap account?
What if I moved from the home that is listed on Holiday Swap?
You should keep your account and profile updated every time you move homes.
What do I do if I have issues adding my address?
We have a dedicated customer support team. Please contact
How do I edit my listing and complete it to 100%?
How are the search results ordered and how can I appear higher?
The most active users get preference to appear higher in search results and least active users tend to appear further back in search. Coming soon we will be introduce our Boost add-on which allows you to appear top of search results for a small fee.
How do I find a swaps?
  • After you've uploaded your home, you can begin looking for a swap in your favourite destinations.
  • Now, it is time to find a house for your next trip. First, click on “Explore” and type your desired destination to search box.
Enter your destination, dates for your trip, the number of guests that will be accommodated, and lastly, select a rating for your possible host. Start to search!
You can view the full listing description by clicking on any of the results. The space description will be opened in a new tab/page, eliminating the need to return to the search and relaunch it, as the search page will stay open in a separate tab/page.
Now, you are ready for your next vacation!
How can I discuss the details of my exchange with my partner?
It is critical to discuss the details of the swap with your swap partner. Before finalising the swap, you must ask all of your questions and provide all relevant information about your home or stay to ensure that you are both on the exact same page.
Can hosts ask for extra fees?
No, they cannot ask for extra fees. If you face with this issue, please contact with our support team:
How can I be a great guest?
  • Congratulations! You have completed a transaction as a guest. Here are our best tips for preparing for your swap and ensuring that both you and your swap partner have always had the best experience possible:)
  • Communication is essential!
    Before your swap, do not be hesitant to ask your host each and every questions you may have and to reach an agreement on certain details: When is the most convenient time to arrive? When and where will you pick up the keys, and from where will you return them? Where can you get cleaning supplies? Do you have any special guidelines for a particular household appliance? What should you do with your old sheets or towels once you leave the house?
  • Respect your host's residence.
    Remember the most important thing in Holiday Swap: treat your hosts' home as you would want them to treat yours, and follow their instructions:)
  • Leave your host's house in the same condition you found it (if not better!).
    Before leaving, give the house a thorough cleaning, air out the room, and leave the sheets and towels in the laundry basket, as agreed upon with your hosts. Take out the trash and double-check that there aren't any more dishes or glasses to be washed.
  • Also, if you notice a problem or accidentally break something, please notify your hosts immediately!
How much does the membership cost?
We only charge users from $10 per month, per person to swap or be a guest in another user’s home! We also offer various subscription plans that allow you to have unlimited free swaps with a guest for the term of your subscription!
What is included in the Holiday Swap Membership?
  • Everything on Holiday Swap for one low price
  • Unlimited swaps on all your devices
  • No commitments, cancel anytime
  • Don’t pay to stay when travelling
  • 20% discount on token bookings
  • Risk free
What are the advantages of the membership?
  • Everything on Holiday Swap for one low price
  • Unlimited swaps on all your devices
  • No commitments, cancel anytime
  • Don’t pay to stay when travelling
  • 20% discount on token bookings
  • Property damage protection
Do I need to take the membership to host?
You can use the Lite version of the membership to host but still, we need to take your information to protect all of our users' safety and security.
How do I use a referral code?
You can click invite friends button at the en of your profile page. You can share your link. If your friends register to Holiday Swap, both of you will earn tokens and surprise gifts.
How can I change my payment method?
To update your payment details, click on three lines in the top left corner.
Click on “Payment Cards”.
Click on add new card.
Click on “Payment Cards”.
Lastly, enter your credit card information.
Click on add new card.
Click on “Payment Cards”.
You can see your saved cards in the top right corner.
Can I finalize an exchange for a friend/extended family member using my account?
It’s advised to book and swap only on your behalf through your own account. Bookings/arrangements made for other people may not be covered by Terms and Guarantee.
How and why should I report a member?
If they are asking for your bank account information, payment outside the Holiday Swap app, detailed personal information.
How can I be sure this email is from Holiday Swap?
If you are not sure if the e-mail you received came from Holiday Swap, send the email to forward it to our e-mail address.
What do I do if a member asks me to pay outside of the Holiday Swap platform?
You should not accept payments outside the Holiday Swap app for your safety.
What do I do with my valuables during an swap?
  • Locking up your valuables is a great way to keep them safe.
  • If you have basement, an office, or a store room that can be locked, it is best to keep your belongings there for your peace of mind.
  • You may choose to keep small valuables on your person, such as jewelry.
  • The biggest risk with bigger valuable items that are difficult to transport is that your guests will break them. You can tell your guests ahead of time not to touch or use them, or you can put a "Do not touch" note or wrap them with a blanket.
What is the verification process?
You will be asked to verify your email and phone number for your own account security and so that we may contact you regarding your bookings.
What are considered violations in Holiday Swap?
Please refer to the Acceptable Use policy located in our Terms and Conditions policy on the app. This can be found in the Help section.
Is my data and personal information safe?
Yes. We never store credit card information, and your address and personal information is secure. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.
Will my chats be private?
With the exception of our Support Team, your chats will be private between yourself and the party you are chatting to or proposing to swap with. We will not sell or offer the information in private chats to third parties. Our Support Team will have sole access to user data and chat history in the scenario of a dispute between users or the breaching of Holiday Swap’s Terms and Conditions.
What do I do in case of damage?
You represent and warrant to us to take reasonable care to secure your valuables and obtain relevant insurance. The Company is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft during your trip.
How does the deposit process work?
See our Terms and Conditions to learn more. Users are strongly encouraged to subscribe to our Guarantee for Trip Cancellation. Please refer to our Guarantee Terms .
How is the deposit calculated? Can I modify it?
See our Terms and Conditions to learn more. Users are strongly encouraged to subscribe to our Guarantee for Trip Cancellation. Please refer to our Guarantee Terms .
Is the deposit directly debited from my account?
See our Terms and Conditions to learn more. Users are strongly encouraged to subscribe to our Guarantee for Trip Cancellation. Please refer to our Guarantee Terms.
How can I recover my deposit?
See our Terms and Conditions to learn more. Users are strongly encouraged to subscribe to our Guarantee for Trip Cancellation. Please refer to our Guarantee Terms.
What happens in the case of damages or disagreements?
See our Terms and Conditions to learn more. Users are strongly encouraged to subscribe to our Guarantee for Trip Cancellation. Please refer to our Guarantee Terms.
Guest: the home does not match the information from the listing?
Submit a claim for reimbursement under the Guarantee (a “Claim”), Subscriber must submit a Claim to and provide evidence of their claim.
What to do in case of theft?
Report any incidences of theft to and with any photographic evidence of the items within 7 days of the trip.
How can I cancel a swap as a guest / host?
A user is permitted to cancel a swap, but if they cancel within 7 days they will forfeit any service fees paid. If the User cancels without a valid reason, we reserve the right to make the Property unavailable or blocked for the dates of the canceled booking. A genuine and legitimate concern of the Impacted User’s behaviour will be deemed as a valid reason, in addition to any of the hereunder extenuating circumstances. See our Terms and Conditions to learn more. Users are strongly encouraged to subscribe to our Guarantee for Trip Cancellation. Please refer to our Guarantee Terms.
What happens when I am a guest and I have to cancel a swap?
A user may cancel a swap, but if they do so within 7 days, they forfeit any service fees paid. We reserve the right to make the Property unavailable or blocked for the dates of the canceled booking if the User cancels without a valid reason. In addition to any of the extenuating circumstances listed below, a genuine and legitimate concern about the Impacted User's behaviour will be considered a valid reason. For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions. Users are strongly encouraged to subscribe to our Trip Cancellation Guarantee. Please see our Guarantee Terms for more information.
What happens if my host cancels?
You can contact to make a claim.
In case of cancellation, can I get a refund for any payments I made to Holiday Swap?
You need to provide true reasons for cancellations and proof of reasons. After the subscriber has properly and fully submitted a Claim, including all documentation and information, we will determine, in our sole discretion, if the Subscriber has suffered an Approved Loss. If we determine that Subscriber has suffered an Approved Loss, we will accept the Claim, make reasonable efforts to notify Subscriber via the email associated with Subscriber’s account or otherwise through the App of our acceptance of the Claim within forty-eight (48) hours of such acceptance.