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"A Tinder-style social media platform that lets travelers swap accommodation around the world"
- Business Insider

Astonishing features

Does it sound amazing to make social connections anywhere in the world and swap your space with like-minded travellers
for just $1 a night and no subscription fees? Explore, Swipe, Match and then Chat

  • Browse housing options

    Filter your Preferences and search through cities, countries or even continents to find your ideal connection to swap with using our powerful global search engines. Or Just make contacts for when you travel in the future, with no obligation to swap until you both agree on dates

  • Pocket-friendly

    Cut out Hotel and Resort fees by swapping what you already have, with who you want. The power is in your hands to make all the decisions. Receive notifications when someone wants to match with you, and you decide

  • Create your travel Map and share Tips

    Save the connections you match with to Swap on dates that suit you in the future. Add in your favourite travel tips, from nature to restaurants and share them to become more visible on your profile

  • Explore the world and look for travel inspiration with MyMap

    Don’t just search the World Map for your next place to stay for just $1, search for travel tips and inspiration on the Holiday Swap interactive map

  • Flexibility

    You don’t even have to own your property to swap, and you can match up with millenials across the world, leaving you more money to travel further and wider. Maybe you’ll match with that penthouse in Rio de Janeiro or villa in Ibiza

  • Make mates

    Make friends anywhere in the world who can be your host, your guide, or both! Find all the insider tips from where to dine, to what time of year to visit, all with the Holiday swap app

  • Deposit system

    Our optional deposit system gives you peace of mind should any damage be caused in your property

  • Ratings and reviews

    Check the ratings and reviews of the home you are browsing to be double sure you are not making the wrong accommodation choice.

  • Talk it out

    There is a chatting option in the app that helps you discuss the date and time of the travel with your home swapping mate.


About Us

If like thousands of other millennial travellers you like the features and functionality of the app, and reducing the cost of accommodation forever, then why not try Holiday Swap on your next trip. Download Holiday Swap for free from the App Store or PlayStore, with no subscription fees.

Holiday Swap was founded by James Asquith, who set the Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to travel to every country in the world before the age of 25. After visiting every county in the world, James aimed to make travel more accessible and cheaper for everyone. That's when the idea of Holiday Swap was born.

The app not only allows for you to securely swap your accommodation anywhere around the world, but has a revolutionary 'Always Bag Packed' feature which allows for endless travel opportunities. This allows you to match up with anyone around the world, and make connections that allow you to swap your accommodation on dates that suit you in the future. Discover more destinations and more countries than you ever imagined, for less. Holiday Swap chat feature means that we don't just offer secure accommodation swaps, but we are the first truly global social media app for like-minded travellers and explorers. 

Swap your space with anything from a couch to a villa. With no subscription fees, and just $1 per night, try the Holiday Swap app for free today.

  • Filter your settings and swipe through properties across the world to see whom you could match up with.
  • In-built chat feature that allows you to chat with users around the world and decide if you are a match to swap.
  • User rating system, and dedicated customer service, with dynamic ‘Top Swapper’ status allows users to check out reviews of accommodation
  • Optional deposit system gives you peace of mind should any damage be caused in your property.
  • Get notifications when another traveller likes your property and decide whether to match with them or not, through our powerful search engines.
  • Develop your Bio page where you can give hints and tips on your location and check out information on your destination, to become a Top Swapper

Holiday Swap has been created by a team that has travelled to every country in the world. We know travel, and we want you to be a part of it, join us today for the most exciting travel community to date!

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